Complaints Procedure

Seasons Holidays

Our intention at Seasons Holidays PLC is to ensure that all members, visitors and guests have a happy and enjoyable holiday when staying at our resorts, however, we are aware that sometimes things can go wrong, although we hope that is rare.

In the event that you do find cause to complain we have established the following procedure in order to ensure that we address any complaint as quickly and efficiently as possible:

1. a complaint arising while staying at a Seasons resort:
(a) in the first instance please raise your complaint at the resort reception. The reception staff will raise the matter with the Resort Manager if they are unable to resolve the matter themselves;
(b) if unresolved, please follow the procedure below.

2. all other complaints:
(a) in the first instance should be raised in writing with the Client Liaison Department at the following address:

Membership Services Department
Seasons Holidays PLC
Laugharne Park
SA33 4SG

(b) the Membership Services Department will, in normal circumstances, reply in full to the complaint within ten working days of receipt.
(c) if the matter is not resolved to the member’s satisfaction, the member can request that the issue be referred to Sharon Kinsella of Seasons Holidays PLC together with any further points that the member wishes to be considered.
(d) if the member is still dissatisfied, then we would recommend that members consider putting their case to either of the following:

Seasons Owners' Consultative Committee (SOCC)
C/o Wynchgate House,
Woodlands Lane,
Bradley Stoke,
BS32 4JT

SOCC comprises of Seasons members and regularly meets with the senior management of Seasons.