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Bath is a city with huge architectural and cultural merits. The city has been a cultural hub for centuries and continues to inspire romance in the heart of its residents and its visitors. Bath is unique to England, as it is member of a very select group of historic sites to be awarded the honour of being a UNESCO world heritage site.

It became a World Heritage Site back in 1987, with help from its local cultural attractions such as museums, theatres and sporting venue. Located in Somerset, South West England, Bath is now seen as a major centre for tourism with more than one million staying visitors and 3.8 million day visitors to the city each year!

The city's architecture, its history and its cultural identity have all grown around one abiding fact of its continued success; its natural spring water. The city is situated on top of a natural spring of hot water which has been used to power spas in the city for thousands of years. The purported healing power of the natural spa water has been a major tourist attraction since Roman times, and some of the architecture of the Roman habitation of Bath is still visible today. Bath has had a functioning spa for most of its history, but for a prolonged period of time, in the last century, the spring water was disused and laid to waste. Recently, however, a fully functioning spa has returned to Bath in the form of the Thermae Bath Spa. The spa was opened in 2006, and its presence means that it is once again possible for tourists to come to Bath to experience what visitors to the city have experienced for millennia; the relaxing power of Bath's spa water.

Attractions continue outside of spa culture, The Royal Crescent, the Bath abbey and The Roman Baths all stand out as obvious attractions, due to their historical culture and the Georgian stone façade remains much as it was when it was first built.

There are an abundance of hidden treasures to be found in Bath. Smaller attractions such as Sally Lunn’s world famous tea rooms, and the Holburne Museum of Art are more than worthy of a visit. Bath plays host to a range of festivals and organised events throughout the year such as the Bath Literature Festival, the Bath half marathon and the Bath Folk Festival.

The County Hotel Bath is in the heart of this gorgeous city, and it offers you the perfect platform to experience the beauty of Bath first hand.